Keating will add two new supercars to the UK’s supercar market. The new models, called TKR and SKR, will be launched according to Keating’s press release on April 23rd.

The top version, the TKR will have much more power than a F1 car, but with tractability for the road. It will be hand built, and made only for special orders. Keating’s officials say the prototype version already beat the Veyron’s top speed of 407 km/h and they expect the production version to do the same.

The second version, the SKR, will be based on the TKR, but its power will be detuned to 400 hp. It will have lots of luxurious elements, to offer the comfort of a GT model.

Press release

New Supercar launching on St George’s Day

A new British Supercar is to be launched on 23rd April, St George’s Day.

Eight years in development, in private testing an early prototype of the sports GT broke the world speed record held at the time by Bugatti.

A two model range is being launched, both sharing the same curvaceous body. Top of the range TKR boasts more power than an F1 race car but with tractability for the road, while the 400bhp of the SKR is specifically tuned for long legged GT touring. Both offer scintillating performance with amazing acceleration and smooth docile road manners.

The launch of this new British Supercar, which will be held on St George’s Day at an English manor house on the North West coast, will be a closed doors all ticket event. The event will include a descriptive launch and reveal, followed by acceleration and high speed demonstration drives at a nearby RAF airfield and cruising drives on fast public roads.

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Finally!!! The moment has come!

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