Is this fridge cool or what?

First launched in 1949, the Microbus is now one of Volkswagen’s most legendary creations, alongside the equally iconic Beetle. So it’s far from surprising that the German firm is planning to offer a new retro-looking van under the same name by 2022. Just like it’s not surprising that many people got really excited at the thought of being able to buy a modern Microbus in the near future. The only downside is that we’re almost five years away from seeing it in the metal. So just in case, you can’t handle the long wait, here’s a cool fridge you can buy.

"Did you say fridge?!" Yup, that’s what I said. You’re probably wondering what a fridge got to do with the Volkswagen Microbus. Well, Gorenje’s latest Retro Special Edition is inspired by the Volkswagen Microbus. More specifically, its design resembles that of the 1960s Microbus’ front fascia. Both the two-tone finish separated by the big V-shaped chrome trim and the "VW" emblem are there, while the handle that looks as if borrowed from the van adds to the effect. Oh, and the one used in all the commercial is painted is a gorgeous aqua blue that’s as vintage as they get. Obviously, you can also have it in red.

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It’s Modern Too

This fridge may look vintage, but it’s pretty modern on the inside. It comes with DynamiCooling, an advanced fan system that evenly distributes the temperature throughout the refrigerator, and IonAir technology, which enriches cool air with extra negative ions that prevent unpleasant odors from spreading inside. Besides preventing leftovers from taking over the inside of the fridge, it also helps food retain its minerals and vitamins for longer. Pretty cool. And, pretty much just like I expect the new Microbus to be: vintage on the outside, modern on the inside.


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