• Ken Block Has a Supra That’s Powered By a Ford Raptor Engine But It Doesn’t Have Wheels

There’s nothing a Ford Raptor engine can’t power these days, apparently

We all know and love Ken Block. And we all know that the man who started the Gymkhana craze and even got to compete in the World Rally Championship is Ford’s ambassador of sorts. He got to drive the Ford GT long before customers got a chance at it and his love for the brand is clearly expressed by some of the drift-ready vehicles he owns. The thing is, Mr. Block likes his Ford Raptor engines in boats as well.

Wait, what? Is Ken Block into boats now?

The answer is yes. Ken Block is the proud owner of a Supra SL 550 - obviously not the Supra you’re thinking of, but a Supra boat. Now, it’s not hard to imagine why did Ken Block choose this particular brand once you know that the guys over at Supra Boats user Ford Raptor engines inside their products. That’s right, you can buy a boat that’s powered by a 6.2-liter V-8. It will cost you a hefty buck, though, but we’ll get to that.

Ken Block’s Supra is, as we would have imagined, a custom build. The Hoonigan-lettered Avalanche Grey wrap (it also glows in the dark, by the way) doesn’t come as standard and it matches the one on Ken Block’s Ford F-150 Raptor truck, which the pro driver uses to tow his Supra boat.

Ken Block Has a Supra That's Powered By a Ford Raptor Engine But It Doesn't Have Wheels
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What’s more, the boat’s interior looks like it’s been taken right off the likes of S-Class or BMW 7 Series thanks to the leather seats and the wood-trimmed deck. However, most gearheads out there will care about one thing and one thing only: that the Supra boat is powered by a Raptor engine.

Mind you, it’s not the current Raptor’s twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 EcoBoost unit, but the previous generation’s 6.2-liter V-8 tuned and supercharged by Indmar. Now, in case the name doesn’t ring a bell, know that Indmar is supplying Supra Boats with tweaked Raptor engines that can churn out 350, 398, 410, or 510 horsepower. Torque can be anything in the 404 pound-feet to 580 pound-feet band, depending on the engine’s state of tune.

Speaking of tuning, the Raptor that pulls the boat saw its engine’s oomph upped to 550 horsepower courtesy of some tuning job from SVC, because as we all know, it normally packs 450 horsepower from the factory.

Ken Block Has a Supra That's Powered By a Ford Raptor Engine But It Doesn't Have Wheels
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Coming back to the Supra boat, it’s worth noting that the engine is adapted to marine requirements, as in it features extra waterproofing for every cable and wire that comes out of it and it also sits inside a protective compartment that doesn’t let water reach through. The boat even has racks that hold a pair of carbon-fiber wakesurfing boards, illuminated cup holders (lots of them), and a rearview camera that’s actually a GoPro connected to the screen behind the boat’s helm.

Another quirk of the boat lies in how the exhaust is pointed towards the bottom of the sea/ocean/lake. The reason for that is simple: all that comes out of the engine after the cylinders have fired shouldn’t get in the surfer’s face during wakeboarding. With the exhaust pointed downwards, the gasses are mixed with the water flow coming from the propeller and actually driven underneath the surfer and as far back as possible behind him.

Ken Block Has a Supra That's Powered By a Ford Raptor Engine But It Doesn't Have Wheels
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One downside to that solution (coupled with the thorough waterproofing) has to do with the almost non-existent sound coming from the boat’s engine - what you mostly hear is the supercharger whine and nothing much else, as Mr. Block himself admits. But hey, even when your name is Ken Block, there are still some things you can’t have.

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