We all love Ken Block and his series of high-action Gymkhana videos, but that’s on a real-life scale. On a more micro scale, we can enjoy piloting our very own Ford Fiesta - actually, it’s Block’s Fiesta - to do Gymkhana our way.

The only caveat is we have to do it with a Hot Wheels model. Recently, Hot Wheels released a pint-sized, RC replica of Ken Block’s world-famous Gymkhana Fiesta. Clearly, they think highly enough of their new toy that they even made a video of it running roughshod in Venice Beach, California.

More than just the video, the toy itself is pretty cool and it gives all of us frustrated drifters to live our drifting dreams vicariously through a toy. The only downside to this R/C is the non-existence of smoke that’s being generated by the tires.

In its place? A center-mounted wheel under the car that effectively does the drifting for us. Despite that, though, we’d still buy this toy for all the reasons we just said. And if you need further convincing, look no further than the video and you shall too be tempted to make the purchase.


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  (577) posted on 06.4.2012

Ah, this would be a great addition to the collectors’ items!

  (541) posted on 05.31.2012

If you can’t afford the real thing, you probably just better own its mini model. It’s as popular anyway.

  (473) posted on 05.4.2012

Good gracious, I didn’t think that a toy car could attract as much as what it has been replicated from.

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