• Ken Block’s Hoonicorn Finally Gets Beat, But Not How You’d Expect

The world’s coolest merch van takes on Ken Block’s 1,400-horsepower Mustang

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Ken Block’s beefed-up Hoonicorn Mustang is currently on a "world tour" against all sorts of stock and modified supercars and muscle cars. The 1,400-horsepower drift car is unbeatable in a straight-line race, but Block’s crew is constantly looking for way to make the Hoonicorn lose. In the latest episode of Hoonicorn vs The World, the beefed-up Mustang was pitted against Hoonigan’s merchandise van. And it actually lost a race. Sort of...

Ken Block's Hoonicorn Finally Gets Beat, But Not How You'd Expect
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Needless to say, no one is expecting a merch van to be fast. These vehicles are usually big and slow, with their main feat being the capacity to haul a lot of stuff. But the Hoonigan merch van is far from regular. The boxy hauler is fitted with an LS-type V-8 that cranks out 400 horsepower, so it’s notably faster and more powerful than your mailman’s Grumman LLV truck.

Ken Block's Hoonicorn Finally Gets Beat, But Not How You'd Expect
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But 400 horsepower doesn’t sound all that much when compared to the Hoonicorn’s 1,400-horsepower rating. Not surprisingly, Block wins the 1,000-foot drag race by a big margin and triumphs win an even bigger margin during a 1,500-foot race with a 500-foot gap.

But the crew decides to set up one last duel and put the merch van at a big advantage for the race. The Hoonicorn starts off in the opposite direction and Block does a couple of donuts before trying to catch up with the van.

Ken Block's Hoonicorn Finally Gets Beat, But Not How You'd Expect
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Despite the Hoonicorn’s incredible output and speed, the spin gives the van enough time to get to the finish line in first place.

Yes, it’s not a fair win, but the video you’re about to see isn’t all that serious anyway. Results and trickery aside, that’s one cool merch van. Check it out in the video below.

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