Is there anyone that doesn’t love a custom fox body Mustang?

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Ken Block had a rough year in 2019. He showcased his brand-new Ford Escort Cosworth ahead of his World Tour debut, just for it to burn to the ground later that month. He still had the Hoonitruck, though, and now it looks like Mr. Block has a toy to play with. It’s called the Hoonifox and, you guessed it, it’s based on an old-school fox-body Mustang – something that is bound to be even cooler than the Mustang-based Hoonicorn V2.

Ken Block’s New Hoonifox – What to Expect

I’ll come right out and say that the Hoonifox doesn’t exist in the physical realm just yet.

So far, it’s only been presented as a visual representation in the video above, albeit with the typical Hoonigan livery and something a little mover lively, too. Despite the fact that it’s little more than a digital rendering now, the Gymkhana star seems serious about building it, assuming he can find a suitable fox body Mustang, anyway.

Block said he was inspired to build the Hoonifox because he’s interested in doing a Miami Vice-inspired video in a white Lamborghini Countach but with a Mustang instead of a Lambo. He apparelty worked with designed Ash Thorp to come up with the body kit for the car, the same person that’s responsible for the look of the newest Batmobile in the upcoming film The Batman.

Ken Block's Latest Video Showcases the Hoonifox and Hints at a Miami-Based Gymkhana Episode Exterior
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The car in the renderings you see in the video above (or the gallery below) isn’t just a fox body Mustang with a body kit, though.

Thorp and Block reportedly took inspiration from a variety of fox body Mustangs, including race cars and random tuned cars.

Of course, there’s still some “Hooni” design styles included, like the big hood scoop and the individual throttle bodies. The car is complete with vents on each fender, side-exit exhaust, and there’s even a rear spoiler that’s inspired by the DTM racing version of the fox body Mustang from the 1980s.

Ken Block's Latest Video Showcases the Hoonifox and Hints at a Miami-Based Gymkhana Episode Exterior
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Of the three different styles shown in the video and the gallery below, you could consider the standard livery as the one we’ll ultimately see in the future. The all-white model is what Ken Block could have if he decides to do his Miami Vice-like Gymkhana video, while the super colorful one features a livery desired by Thorp himself. With that said, that all-white livery could be a hint that Block really is going to do a Miami-based Gymkhana so it looks like we have a little something to be excited about. As for power output of the eventual production model… well, the Hoonicorn had 1,400 horsepower, and I wouldn’t expect much less from the Hoonifox.

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