• Ken Block’s New AWD F-150-Based Hoonitruck Is Ford GT Crazy

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It ain’t easy being Ken Block. Sure, it looks like fun and games, what with a career as a professional race car driver, plus all kinds of extremely lucrative endorsement deals and one of the most viral brands on the face of the planet. But along with all those perks, Block must also one-up himself on an extremely regular basis. It all started with the Gymkhana series, with each successive video bringing the stunt driving insanity to an all-new level. Then came the builds, starting with the infamous Hoonicorn. Now, we’re getting a look at the latest wild creation from the Hoonigan team. It’s called the Hoonitruck, and as you probably expect, it’s every shade of over-the-top.

Block Has Done It Again

From the off, it’s clear the Hoonitruck is a pure show piece designed to grab maximum eyeballs on the Internet.

That means no racing body rules or regulations to hold it back - this thing is pure imagination and wrenches.

The vehicle has been in development for the past 2 years, and only now looks to come out from the shadows for public consumption. Developed using the lessons learned during the original Hoonicorn build, the Hoonitruck takes a similar philosophy to going fast.

Break it down, and what you’re looking at is a custom 1977 Ford F-150 - and by custom, I mean it’s got a similar shape as the original production truck, and that’s about it. Everything else about this machine is custom-built specifically for its starring role in the upcoming Gymkhana Ten video.

Outside, we find a similar livery as the original Hoonicorn, with a black-and-grey camo wrap, plus tons of sponsorship stickers. A set of side exhaust pipes belch spent gasses, while the rear gets a NASCAR-style spoiler.

Ken Block's New AWD F-150-Based Hoonitruck Is Ford GT Crazy
- image 802004

Of course, Toyo Proxes rubber is used for the smoking, with the tires wrapped around unique 20-inch Fifteen52 Turbomac HD wheels.

And yeah, it’s got a hitch too.

Viewed from the front, the first thing you’ll notice is the massive 3D-printed aluminum intake manifold and twin turbos sticking out of the hood. Because, you know, Hoonicorn. The snails breathe extra life into a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 for a total of 914 horsepower. As an interesting aside, that V-6 is based on the same powerplant that took the new Ford GT to victory at Le Mans.

Peel back the skin and you’ll find a steel tube frame. Yep, this is pure race car stuff through and through.
In back is a rear-mounted fuel cell, while a rally-style AWD system helps the truck claw its way across the tarmac.

It’s interesting that Block once again went with AWD, rather than the traditional RWD platform used in every professional drift series. Chalk it up to Blocks rally-driving past, I suppose. What’s more, the extra driven wheels in front make for a more heavy-handed approach to getting sideways, creating long, smokey slides that look like they should be spins, but somehow grab their way to a win.

Ken Block's New AWD F-150-Based Hoonitruck Is Ford GT Crazy
- image 802036

Inside is a carbon dash and digital instrumentation, plus the requisite hand brake lever finished in gold.

No gun rack though, unfortunately.

So then, why a truck? Well, as he explains in the above-featured video, the ‘70s era F-150 has special meaning for Block, as it was his first motorized conveyance and the vehicle he used it to learn how to drive. “I’m pretty sure I did my first burnout in that truck!” Block confesses.

Compared to the original Hoonicorn, the Hoonitruck is a totally different beast. The truck’s immense size and layout makes for all-new driving dynamics, with characteristics like exaggerated weight transfer making it a bit trickier to control. The high-strung V-6 also plays a role in giving it a unique character, as the power delivery is entirely different from that of the Hoonicorn V-8.

Ken Block's New AWD F-150-Based Hoonitruck Is Ford GT Crazy
- image 802001

Either way, hit play and watch the video, as it provides some interesting info on the truck and the build, plus a few snippets of the truck in action.

Look for a sneak peak of Gymkhana 10 on Amazon Prime December 7th, with a full YouTube drop on December 17th.

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