For those of you who haven’t bothered to look out the window in the past few months (ain’t the Internet grand?), it’s a Winter Wonderland out there for many of you folks. So much so, in fact, many people are left wondering when all this obnoxious winter white stuff will finally start to dissipate.

But not everyone thinks like that. As they say, when life hands you lemons, thrash them until they create a fine airborne mist of twinkling, granulated particles. At least, I think that’s what they say.

Of course, the “they” I reference is none other than America’s favorite rally good ‘ole boy and petrol-fueled entertainer, Ken Block. Kenny boy recently took a jaunt up to Baldface Lodge in Nelson, BC Canada, for a little R&R sliding around on his snowboard in the backcountry. But of course, such an expedition would need to be done with that characteristic Block style, no?

Enter the RaptorTRAX, quite possibly the most badass snowmobile you’ve ever laid eyes on. Based on the Ford F-150 Raptor, this one-of-a-kind mega-toy replaces the wheels at each corner with four Mattracks, offering outrageous grip on pretty much any surface planet Earth can muster (especially snow). Throw in a wealth of additional mods for trekking and general mountain party times, and you’re left wondering why this machine isn’t offered at your local Ford dealership right now.

Watch the video, then take a glance out the window. See that commuter you own? The one buried under several feet of frozen water? Now imagine it with tank treads…

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Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX by Hoonigan Racing

Ford F-150 RaptorTRAX by Hoonigan Racing Exterior
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Look up the name Hoonigan Racing, and odds are you’ll be left with a feeling of astonishment and awe. That’s because Hoonigan is an organization that builds some of the most extreme vehicles on the planet, with the RaptorTRAX taking a spot as Exhibit A in the evidence pile.

Powering this monster is a supercharged, 6.2-liter V-8 putting down roughly 650 horsepower at four Mattracks traction-makers. Just one of these robust, treaded contraptions weighs 350 pounds. Obviously, the suspension is heavily modified as well, with the installation of off-road King shocks designed to handle the rigors of mountaineering.

Inside, the cabin is mostly stock, with the exception of a roll cage that extends outside to the bed, Recaro seats with four-point harnesses, and a delete of the rear seats for storage space. There’s also plenty of storage space around the exterior of the RaptorTRAX, including racks for four snowboards.

On the roof and in the front of the truck, you’ll find rigidly mounted lights to be used when the sun dips behind those frosted peaks. Large skid plates and underbody protection are in place to help glide over deep powder and ward off unseen boulders. There’s even a BBQ that attaches to the rear when lunchtime at the lodge is simply not an option.

Specifically designed to shuttle four people, there are two additional Recaro seats in the bed, complete with four-point harnesses. There’s even additional amps and waterproof, externally mounted speakers to blast tunes across the forest. Topping it off is a wakeboard towrope, because why the hell not.

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