You want to be more than just a fanster driving up hits on Ken Block’s YouTube page? Here’ your chance to help out the man himself as he begins preparation for the third version of his ever popular Gymkhana 3.

In this video, Block is looking for ideas from all of his fans on what they’d like to see him do on his new Gymkhana 3. Just tell him where he should shoot and what trick he should do. That’s it. Those whose ideas are chosen will receive a plethora of attractive prizes including hats, posters, and, of course, DC Shoes. That’s not the end of it, though. One lucky fan, who we presume will have the best idea on what Block and the Gymkhana 3 should do, will get a chance to visit the shoot for a day and an opportunity to ride shotgun on-board the Gymkhana 3 with Ken Block in the driver seat.

Not a bad prize for throwing some ideas around, huh?

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  (273) posted on 05.12.2011

I really don’t care too. But the idea to communicate with the viewers went successful. We really never knew what will happen next. Oh well, let us see if there are any other future videos coming up on youtube!

  (534) posted on 11.15.2010

I want Ben Collins versus Ken

  (515) posted on 11.8.2010

I thought I had heard this a while back.

  (571) posted on 11.8.2010

Ken Block and Ford in the same sentence, gonna take some time to get used to, But I can see why he did it though, I guess if SUBIE would of stayed in the WRC he could of been driving for them instead of Ford.

  (221) posted on 11.5.2010

They did this right....I mean it feels like advertising, it is advertising, and doesn’t really show case any of his driving, so overall all, i can’t be mad with it. If they do more mass product placement in part 2 ill be pissed though......just saying wanna see driving .

  (858) posted on 11.5.2010

I think that was so sweet for him to ask his fans out there.

  (216) posted on 10.11.2010

I live up the street from VT car...the folks who build and manage the Subaru team’s cars in Rally America...and I bump into Carolyn Bosley every now and again. She seems to think that Ken Block has a whole hell of a lot of unrealized potential. So, I don’t expect him to knock Sordo, Hirvonen, and Loeb off of their respective pedestals his first year...or even his second year...but with a few years of serious competition under his belt, I think he could get to that level. And hey, it’d be nice to see an American flag on the window of a WRC car, wouldn’t it?

  (216) posted on 10.11.2010

If this it what it takes to bring an American into WRC, and possibly bring enough attention to WRC now to bring it to the US LIVE (not that taped crap we get on HD Theater), I’m all for it.

  (309) posted on 10.6.2010

I watched to the end, wondering when the Gymkhana was gonna start. Never did.

  (677) posted on 09.24.2010

Even if they did, the guys in the video look too stupid to care. Although the people I most wish that took the hit of mercury are the advertisers who thought this was a good idea and in any way a good way to connect with anyone.

  (329) posted on 08.4.2010

Stop this gymkhana show-offs for a while and get you rallying act together (you pretty much ). Otherwise it’s the YouTube and Las Vegas ... for a few more years. You’re already over saturating the market and we can only take so much of the stuff that’s pretty much always the same.

  (647) posted on 06.8.2010

Exactly, on my thoughts too. Its carefully scripted and heavily edited youtube stunts are all fun but when it comes to actual racing, Ken Block doesn’t really cut it.

  (798) posted on 06.7.2010

well i guess that’s not the point.. ken is open for suggestion and comments for the viewers to enjoy more the gymkhana 3.

  (504) posted on 06.6.2010

Well I guess ken has run out of Idea on what to do on his next Gymkhana show.

  (1023) posted on 06.4.2010

Well, that’s a good news from block but to be honest it’s engine is quite noisier than the Impreza WRX.

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