Kendall Motor Oil found a fun and interesting way to market their product. They have created two short video clips that illustrate the benefits of their premium quality, full-synthetic engine oil. The Kendall GT-1 Motor Oils with Liquid Titanium have synthetic base stocks and a liquid titanium additive that create a full package of engine protection. The synthetic base stocks provide protection against viscosity breakdown and deposit formation at high temperatures, lower volatility for reduced oil consumption, and faster oil circulation at low temperatures for easier starting and better protection during cold starts. The liquid titanium additive reduces friction and wear and helps extend engine life by creating a bond on the surface of the engine parts.

Seeing is believing and although these videos will not provide any actual data to support Kendall Motor Oil’s technology they are still fun to watch.

Follow the jump for Kendall Motor Oil’s second video clip.

Source: Conoco Phillips Lubricants

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  (380) posted on 05.19.2010

Those two videos are really funny but I most like the second video for the advertising the oil because the second video really expressly the oil important.

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