Posing in front of a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with a skimpy outfit and showing your bra and panties for the whole world to see may be scandalous to a lot of people, but this Canadian bombshell doesn’t appear to mind it one bit.

Her name is Kendra and she’s actually done a list of raunchy photoshoots before - including one for Playboy’s Cybergirls - so this spread, courtesy of Pepper Perfect Photography, isn’t exactly her first run in flirtatious photos. Much to our enjoyment, the public clamoring for Kendra to be featured in the pages of Secret Entourage actually drew 120,000 fans voicing the same sentiment in a Facebook poll.

Certainly, when you have over 100,000 people wanting to see you dress down to almost your skivvies and pose with a Corvette Z06, you listen to the people and do it.

So Kendra, you have our eternal respect and admiration for doing just that. By the way, this chick has a rockstar body. Yowza!


Source: secretentourage.com

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