• KIA Has Some Big Plans for the LA Auto Show

    Right now the EV9 is just a concept.
  • KIA is leading us on with the upcoming EV9 SUV.
  • The EV9 will ride on the same electric chassis as the Genesis GV60.
  • The interior seems to be rather luxurious with light colors and clean design.
  • The gauge cluster and infotainment are grouped into one large display.
  • The EV9 concept does look mostly ready for production, except for the lack of mirrors and door handles.
  • The normal steering wheel has also been replaced by a yoke setup.
  • Based on the boxy styling the EV9 might have some off-road capability.
  • The boxy LED headlights are one of the things we want to make it to production.
  • The EV9 is trying really hard to be eco-friendly with floor mats made from recycled fishing nets.
  • The seats are also made from vegan leather.
  • The final production EV9 will be released November 17, 2021 at the LA auto show.

KIA just gave us some teasers for the upcoming EV9 SUV, and based on the styling, it might be more capable than we think.

KIA is planning on fully revealing the EV9 SUV on November 17 at the Los Angeles Auto show, but before that has happened, the brand has released some new teaser images.

KIA Has Some Big Plans for the LA Auto Show
- image 1032035
Right now the EV9 is just a concept.

Kia’s new EV9 full-size SUV will apparently be the largest KIA ever, out porking the exclusively gasoline-powered Telluride even. It will likely retain that title for quite some time, as KIA has revealed their naming scheme for their electric cars. The titles will range from 1-9, with the surely to-be-named EV1 to be the most basic model and the EV9 being the flagship. The EV9 will ride on a stretched version of the E-GMP EV architecture that’s shared with the KIA EV6, Genesis GV60, and Hyundai Ionic 5.

Design and styling

KIA Has Some Big Plans for the LA Auto Show
- image 1032023

It is possible that this thing might have some decent off-road ability, just judging by the styling. Serious off-roaders, like the Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes G-Class, and Land Rover defender, all have their wheels far apart with wide tracks and boxy bodywork featuring slap sides.

This makes the vehicle just more capable and easier to drive off-road. Since the EV9 appears to have the same sort of styling, except for the hexagon-derived wheel arches, we might see the Korean manufacturer try to take on the Americans, Germans, and British where the going gets tough. The exterior also features slim LED headlights and taillights along with a massive panoramic sunroof.

KIA Has Some Big Plans for the LA Auto Show
- image 1032029
The seats are also made from vegan leather.

The interior seems to be styled with a more minimalist approach with clean lines, three rows, and light-colored upholstery. Much of the interior is also made of recycled plastic from old fishing nets and vegan leather. The traditional steering wheel is also gone and has been replaced with a Tesla-style yoke. The gauge cluster and infotainment have also been implemented into one massive display.

Much of the EV9 will hopefully make it to production. Some things will have to be changed though, chief among which is the lack of door handles and mirrors. As long as it keeps the slim yet boxy headlights, taillights, and wheel arches, we are happy with it as of right now.

Source: KIA.com

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