• Kia Is Doubling Down On Military Vehicles And We’re Intrigued

The automaker looks motivated and even plans to introduce EV and hydrogen fuel cell cars

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At a time when automakers are expanding their EV lineup, Kia has decided to pump in resources into developing military vehicles. The company has revealed that it has plans to develop a new standard architecture for next-generation military vehicles. This will serve as a platform for 2.5- and five-ton military vehicles and new five-ton bulletproof vehicles as well. Apart from this, it will also try to apply new EV technology.

A Leap To The Military Future

Kia Is Doubling Down On Military Vehicles And We're Intrigued
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Kia’s move to strengthen its capabilities in future military projects could be a game-changer considering the way it plans to apply EV, autonomous driving, and hydrogen fuel cell technologies.

The South Korean automaker plans to develop prototypes this year, get them evaluated by the Korean government next year, and deploy in the services by 2024.

For those of you wondering how they will be equipped, Kia has said it’ll use 7.0-liter, high-torque diesel engines and automatic gearboxes, and also stuff like Satellite Navigation, ABS, Rear Parking Assist, etc. Kia also has plans to develop All-Terrain Vehicles pinned on the Mohave SUV’s architecture.

Does Kia Have Presence Here Already?

Kia Is Doubling Down On Military Vehicles And We're Intrigued
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Yes, Kia has produced around 140,000 military vehicles to date, which includes nine different models and 100 derivatives of 0.25-, 1.25-, 2.5- and 5-ton vehicles.

At the turn of the century, it also created a 15-ton rescue vehicle. Now the automaker plans to replace the existing 0.25-ton and 1.25-ton vehicles with a Korean-built multipurpose tactical vehicle. Kia has already produced this vehicle and equipped it with a robust engine, electronic four-wheel-drive system, automatic transmission, and brake system from the Kia Mohave.

Final Thoughts

Kia Is Doubling Down On Military Vehicles And We're Intrigued
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Military projects don’t come to light very often and both the parties go about their business without publicizing it much, for obvious reasons. But, that said, it is a high volume market and runs into millions of dollars generally.

General Motors recently showed off GM Defense’s latest Infantry Squad Vehicle based on the Chevy Colorado ZR2 that was delivered to the U.S. Army. This is the first contract fulfilled by the automaker ever since the division was brought back in 2017. It was a $214 million contract, by the way.

What are your thoughts on Kia’s military vehicles when compared to the ones doing business in the States? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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