It’s the ninth straight year, and Kia is well ahead of schedule

There are still a couple of months before Super Bowl LII kicks off and already Kia has announced that it will run an ad campaign for the ninth straight year. There are no details about the advertisement campaign as of yet, but Kia is known for going above and beyond for these campaigns and typically involves a celebrity or two. As an example, the brand has commissioned folks like Christopher Walken, Pierce Brosnan, and even Melissa McCarthy, among others. As such, you can assume that Kia will kick it up a notch again this year. After all, these Super Bowl ad campaign’s cost a small fortune and Kia doesn’t want its ninth year to be a dud.

With that in mind, Kia’s 2018 ad campaign will be overseen by Saad Chehab, the man who put together Chrysler’s “Born of Fire” ad a few years back with Eminem as the main star. With a man like that behind the ad, you can bet it’ll be good – he does have all the right connections, right? And, while there aren’t any details, Chehab seems to have the right idea:

“Kia doesn’t lack advertising success in the Super Bowl. It’s more now, how do you continue this great work that they’ve already done and start introducing additional customers to your brand that have not yet considered yet?”

The man has a point, don’t you think? What do you expect from this year’s Super Bowl ads? Let us know in the comments section below.

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