In 2008 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Kia revealed the Kee - a concept that at the time made quite a sensation. Now it seems that the company has plans to put it into production as a competitor for the Toyobaru.

The production version will be a compact, rear-driven model built on the technology of the new Hyundai Genesis Coupe. In an interview with AutoCar, Kia design director Peter Schreyer said that Kia really needs to make a deep analysis on the market and decided if a Kee will sell.

"We are not like Audi or Porsche. We are not in a position to just create something and then announce to the market that it’s the perfect kind of sports car. When you’re making cars like this, it’s important to make them with a great deal of confidence. So I think the Kia brand has to grow a little more in stature before the time will be right for Kee."


Source: AutoCar

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  (406) posted on 03.1.2010

I’m not a kia fanatic but this one is cool. Not too bright just average. Outstanding engine and great exterior.

  (708) posted on 01.26.2010

KIA is right, you can’t just say that it is the perfect car right after the first release. That is absurd. The definition is something you need to work for. Like in this car, it already looked perfect, but KIA didn’t claim it exactly like that. Looking at the car, the layout and the design, everything look so comforting.

  (515) posted on 01.4.2010

So humble of them to say that statement and if I’m there, I will stand and applaud them coz’ what I like about them is the "heart" of the people created this car. It caught my attention and I’m planning to check this car to think that it has a technology of a Hyundai Genesis, a point of thinking to purchase this car.

  (859) posted on 01.4.2010

I say it ’s ugly. but KIA motors are really keeping up with the Japanese and European cars.

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