As evidenced by its not-so-subtle appearances in this new promo video, Kia wants us to think of one word when talking about the new Sportage: ‘wow’

For the most part, it’s hard not to agree with that; releasing one of the most entertaining promo videos helps a lot too. Combining colorful graphics with some pretty slick shots of the Tucson’s exterior and interior – we love the orange stitching on those seats – this promo video hits the mark in, well, ‘promoting’ the Sportage. Not to the full extent of ‘wow’, but close enough.

The Sportage actually shares its platform with its local Hyundai counterpart, the Tucson, so if you can attest to the overall package of the Tucson, chances are you’re going to feel the same way for the Sportage.

As it stands, the Sportage is set for a fall arrival in the US and similar to the Tucson, will also come with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine with a later option for a smaller 2.0-liter variant.


Source: Kia

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  (807) posted on 03.11.2010

Sometimes I really like to wonder on how these SUVs will look like when in a circuit. My favorites will be the Sportage, the CR-V, the Rav 4 and probably a from Mitsubishi. All of them has new SUV editions for this year and I think that they all comes with a pretty neat juice underneath the bonnet. PajeroLol. SUV race. Anyhow, this car looks great although it would have been great if there were more shots of the interior and there are more details about the car safety as most SUV are bought for families. Safety of the passengers and driver is very important.

  (1333) posted on 03.10.2010

well that was a lot of refinement from sportage, well kia is really serious in keeping up the phase. plus kia added another 5 years warranty for their vehicles, isn’t that amazing?

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