We here at Top Speed like the Kia Soul for its fresh boxcar styling, loads of creature comforts and its energetic fun to drive attitude. So, any vehicle that has the ability to take all those things we find attractive and turn up the volume, is something we are looking forward to. Revealed back in January at the North American International Auto Show, the Kia Soul’ster did all those things and while it was just a concept back then, it could soon become a production vehicle appearing as early as the second half of 2010.

The reactions at the Detroit Auto Show were very positive, but at the time, the Korean automaker refused to reveal any information about the vehicle’s possible mass production. If the Soul’ster does make it into production, we can’t wait to have to have an open air, Jeep inspired Soul in the Top Speed test fleet.


Source: Kia World

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  (858) posted on 02.22.2011

Looks cool and fun to drive, more sharper than the Kia Sorento and Hyundai Santa Fe, But I really don’t know if the engine is already CRDi..

  (433) posted on 02.22.2011

Everything is tight, pickup is superb, it drives and handles like a turbo charged sports car. Its a lot of fun to drive, only if it had a few more inches to recline the front seat.

  (462) posted on 05.10.2010

Well this model definitely reminds me of the 1995 Kia Sportage convertible.

  (377) posted on 04.29.2010

It features just two doors and a retractable soft roof. This model will be a big hit in South Korea and across the globe.

  (182) posted on 06.2.2009

GM has already quit on their plans of introducing a car-based pick-up in the US. I hope that Kia is REALLY seeing a target market for this car because history might or might not repeat itself.

  (180) posted on 06.2.2009

I think that the design of the Soulster should not be a problem. When we speak of market, I’m sure that Kia was thinking of a target market. Since there are still no news on how much the Kia Soulster would cost, I think that they would tag it with a lower price to attract the younger market. When you look at the Soulster, there is so much youthfulness in its image and its "openness" was definitely the defining factor. It sure is fun to both drive or simply ride in it. It would be a hit, I tell you.

  (177) posted on 06.2.2009

Although the Soulster has been receiving good criticisms from car enthusiasts and forum blogs about cars, I’ve read some that are concerned about its profitability. It was even compared then to the previous Subaru model, Baja, which did not hit the market because it was not practical to use. As you can see in the photos released by the korean company, when you remove the roof top, there would nothing much but a roll bar. Although the design is actually very innovative, the question that remains is how many in the market are prepared for this kind of innovation.

  (183) posted on 06.2.2009

The Kia Soul’ster reminds me of the photos I have seen of Suzuki Samurais. The only thing that is better at this point is that Kia made it more cool. It think that the nice nose and muscular strokes at the side of the car made all the difference.

  (182) posted on 06.2.2009

I’ve always admired this Korean based car manufacturer as they always try their best to get into the world wide competition. It’s like the crossbreed of Toyota’s FJ Cruiser and Jeep.

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