The German tuning firm Kicherer has just revealed their latest interpretation of the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG with one of their signature Supersport Performance Packages based on the factory tuned baby Benz. Kicherer upgrades the C63 aesthetically with a carbon fiber two bar grill up front along with a pair of carbon winglets at each corner of the car’s front bumper and as well as a new set of LED driving lights. The lightweight black wavy stuff also makes its way into the car’s mirrors and side skirts, while out back the blistered quarter panels were hand shaped out of metal in order to house the 275 width rear tires that are wrapped around the 20 inch RS-1 forged wheels.

Kicherer C63 Supersport based on the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG
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Thanks to a reprogrammed engine electronics the C63 AMG now delivers as much as 550 HP and a peak 465 lb-ft of torque. In order to alleviate the high performance baby Benz from tire roasting peg legged burnouts the tuners installed a limited slip differential into the rear axle that no only distributes power evenly across the rear wheels, but also makes getting the C63 predictably sideways a whole lot easier. Kicherer also upgraded the AMG car’s suspension with a fully adjustable set of coil overs in order to give the car the perfect stance as well as ride.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

For many years Kicherer has been in the absolute top class of Mercedes tuners and with its own? Supersport Performance Paket" for the C63 AMG the tuners from Stockach have made their position even more secure. Developed for the sports-minded driver Kicherer guarantees the sheer pleasure of sports driving along with the highest level of comfort!

Carbon Paradise!

Kicherer C63 Supersport based on the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG
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As to be expected Kicherer doesn’t solely focus on tuning but rather on discrete changes which not only look good but also possess aerodynamic functions. Thus the chassis was refined in every sense of the word as one wasn’t not stingy with the sinfully expensive carbon fibre here, in fact just the opposite was the case. The tuners from Stockach gave the C63 AMG a carbon grill at the front as well as a front skirt with integrated carbon flaps and LED daylight driving lights. From the side the expanded rear wings of handmade metal, the carbon mirror covers as well as the new sideskirt with integrated carbon tubes are easily recognised. The rear was given a diffuser also made of carbon.

Kicherer C63 Supersport based on the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG
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A few more PS than in the standard version can now be found working under the bonnet of the Kicherer C63 Supersport then thanks to improved engine electronics the C63 AMG powerhouse can provide around 550 PS and a maximum torque of 630 Nm. The removal of the senseless Vmax-block was in this instance a matter of honour. The engine itself received a cover with carbon fibre inlays. So that the performance could be perfectly brought to the asphalt surface the technicians installed a high performance limited slip differential with adjustable hardness and a variable barrier effect as well as a high performance adjustable coil over. Under the wheel arches revolve 20 inch large RS-1 forged wheels with 245 tyres at the front and 275 tyres at the rear. And with over 550 PS you naturally need appropriate deceleration and for this reason Kicherer resorted to a Brembo braking system including flexible steel cables.

Kicherer C63 Supersport based on the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG
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For the interior of the C63 AMG the Mercedes specialist offers an ergonomic sports steering wheel in leather and carbon along with a footmat set with real leather trim.

Conclusion: Top class tuning in its purest form!

Source: Kicherer

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  (238) posted on 09.10.2009

nice upgrade. Adds some power with the style

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