A little bit of talent, a paint booth, and elbow grease make this project happen

The Jeep brand got its start at the outbreak of WWII when the U.S. Government sought a small, go-anywhere utility vehicle that could effectively replace the horse for mass use by troops. Well, Willys Overland answered the call and the MB began rolling off assembly lines in 1941. And while more than 630,000 examples were built, relatively few original MBs survive today.

But thanks to one teenager, there’s one more MB floating around – or at lease a look-alike. He decided to restore his dilapidated post-war-built CJ3A into a replica wartime Willys. This 38-minute video shows highlights of the transformation process, including a healthy amount of off-road thrashing, both before and after the restoration. One thing is for sure – this kid understands the Willys were designed to handle abuse.

I’ll admit, the video is a bit on the dull side. But if you fancy yourself a Jeep guy, you’ll love watching the real-time and time-lapse sequences. You’ll also love seeing the Jeep disassembled into its various pieces, all while being reminded of just how simple these machines were designed to be.

And while this CJ turned MB might be a replica and hardly underwent a Concours-style restoration, the end result is no less impressive. From the white lettering across the hood and the hand tools strapped to the side to the canvas top and Jerry cans, this Jeep looks and performs like the real deal.


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