Kimi Raikkonen moving back to McLaren?

The Formula One driver’s carousel is up and running and is slowly gaining some steam. A week after we reported that Fernando Alonso may very well transfer to Ferrari next year, the latest we heard is that Alonso may very well be taking the seat now occupied by fellow world champion, Kimi Raikkonen.

Here’s the twist. In the same report last week, we mentioned that Raikkonen would most likely leave Formula One to race at the World Rally Championships. It turns out; Raikkonen isn’t planning on leaving Formula One and instead might return to his former team, McLaren.


Ever the self-assured and confident driver that he is, Raikkonen, in an interview with the Telegraph, said, “If for some reason I am not at Ferrari next season I know I’ll have a seat at another team in the paddock. It’s not a problem. Other teams want me."

"I’m too young to retire. I have a contract with Ferrari for next season,” he also adds. “If I didn’t want to race next season I would not have signed a contract”

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While he made no mention of a return to his old team, the rumors began after McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh was quoted by BBC saying, "Kimi’s really raised his game and all weekend has done a great job and Heikki has always been a fantastic team player and a good asset in our team but his race pace hasn’t been good enough."

We’ve been immersed with Formula One for a long time and we rarely see a team boss praising the performance of a rival driver, and in this particular, a driver of your most heated rival.

In the event that it does happen, imagine the fireworks of a Kimi Raikkonen – Lewis Hamilton tag team versus a Felipe Massa – Fernando Alonso team-up.

‘Explosive’ is the appropriate word to describe it.

Source: F1 Live

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  (182) posted on 08.30.2009

I guess that’s the reason why Raikkonen is so confident to transfer back to his former team. But McLaren made a poor start to the 2009 season so I don’t think it would be a good sign for him. Unless he thinks he can change the course of history, which I think he is still capable of. And no for Buickart, age doesn’t matter.

  (177) posted on 08.30.2009

If you’re already in Ferrari, why go back to McLaren? I’d rather retire early than to switch if I were Kimi. Has he not learn from history? In 2002, the mercedes engine has given him engine failures. Although he still won 24 points and four podiums, who knows what could happen this time? It’s not that he’s getting any younger.

  (183) posted on 08.30.2009

He’s fondly called as Iceman because of his calm, cool, and calculating in his race strategy. Maybe perhaps every turn in his steering wheel comes naturally for someone who has started to race at the age of 10. I’d like to think that it also has something to do with his genes. is older brother, Rami Räikkönen, is a rally driver and a national junior-class champion, who also competes in the Finnish Formula 3 Championship.

  (182) posted on 08.30.2009

It’s alright to be confident. Who wouldn’t be? He has already proven himself both as a racing driver and as a celebrity. Iceman has won several world cups and became the highest paid driver in motor sport in 2007 after he shifted to Ferrari. He is also part of the Celebrity 100 list of Forbes magazine.

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