Almost halfway into the 2010 Formula One season, the jostling and tugging among drivers and manufacturers for next year’s grid line-up is already underway. One name that has been mentioned most often in rumors these days belongs to a certain former world champion who isn’t even in the grid this year. That man is Kimi Raikkonen.

After leaving Formula One this year to race at the World Rally Championship, rumors of Raikkonen returning to Formula One has hit fever pitch, with the 2007 World Champion having been linked to a number of teams including Red Bull Racing, Mercedes GP, and even Renault.

But if the latest hearsay is to be believed, fans of Raikkonen clamoring for his return to Formula One may have to wait a little while longer as there’s a strong indication that the Finn may stick to the WRC next season.

Of course, nothing is crystal clear on this end, especially given that Raikkonen’s team at the WRC is sponsored by Red Bull, which, last we checked, has a pretty fast car in Formula One this year. But judging from how the chips are looking these days, we’re not holding our breath on Raikkonen returning to open-wheel racing until, at the very least, 2012.


Source: Autosport

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  (383) posted on 02.10.2011

Yeah, but I think he wouldn’t turn his back on his first love the car racing. Hope he back soon.

  (466) posted on 02.10.2011

The next season will be on this March art Bahrain..It’s one month before. Maybe his enjoying the rallying more than racing. Let’s just respect whatever decision he would make.

  (939) posted on 07.23.2010

Thats a bad news, but its good for him too because he now have time to relax and take a rest before he come back for 2012.

  (247) posted on 07.21.2010

He appears to be happier in his current role. I’m happy for him. Part of me wishes he’d drive for Renault and stir the pot.

  (806) posted on 07.20.2010

I guess he really enjoyed driving a rally car instead of an F1 car. for me, rally race is more fun and extreme than the Formula 1.

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