For all the Metallica lovers, Kirk Hammett needs no presentation. And if you are a rock fan, than driving a Porsche what was owned by Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett is one of the greatest pleasure.

Kirk paid $20,000 for it back in 1990. This collectors dream is a direct descendent of the awe inspiring 959 super car! It has been well taken care of by the Metallica family. There has been over $100,000 invested in this machine. The original manuals, window sticker and signed documents are included.

There is an interesting piece of Metallica history involving this car. "THE BET" In 1991 shortly before the release of the eponymous Metallica album (known as the Black Album) Kirk and Tour Manager Tony Smith were on a flight talking about the upcoming album release. Kirk mentioned that he was concerned that it might be a little to different for people to accept. Tony said not to be concerned and that it would probably sell 10 million copies. Kirk responded by saying that if it did sell 10 million copies that he would give Tony his new prized possession Porsche. For a couple of years this became the source of some good natured fun and teasing beween the band members and Tony. A few years later, while the band was touring, the Black Album was cetified as 10x platinum (10 million sold in the USA.) By this time the conversation about the Porsche had been mostly forgotten. However, at the end of one leg of the tour, Kirk gave Tony an envelope. Inside were the ownership documents and the keys to his Porsche 911 Carrera 4. It was a very special time for all those involved who new the meaning behind the gesture.

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