For "normal" folks like us, making a six-figure purchase is tantamount to being kicked out of the house and forced to sleep on the curb. But for people like professional basketball player, Kobe Bean Bryant, $329,000 is pretty much chump change.

Sure, his recent divorce cost him half his fortune, but Kobe’s still got plenty of Benjamins coming his way, which makes his recent purchase of a 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia not much of a big deal to the Mamba. He paid for it full, too, with a check, which pretty much tells you that this is like buying groceries for this guy.

The price Kobe paid for his 458 Italia is about $100,000 more than the MSRP price of the Italian supercar, which leads to speculation - at least from our end - that he probably tricked out his new toy with plenty of additional options.

Either that or Kobe just got hosed for 100 grand by the dude who sold him the car.

In deference to the man, we’d prefer to believe the former since Kobe has never been shy about his growing fleet of exotics, particularly those with Italian heritage to it.

After all, he did grow up in Italy.


Source: TMZ

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