Supercar brand hopes to make this an annual event to round up Koenigsegg owners in one place

Spotting a Koenigsegg in the wild is hard enough in it of itself. But to have 13 in the same place, at the same time? Clearly, such an occurrence would have to have been planned. That was certainly the case when Koenigsegg hosted its first-ever Owner’s Tour for a significant number of its loyal and deep-pocketed customers.

The multi-day event began in earnest at the Hotel D’Angelterre in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark where participants spent the night in the city before embarking on a long road trip to Sweden, specifically Koenigsegg’s production facility in Angelholm. Once there, the automaker treated its customers with a nice lunch inside the facility before opening up the test track facilities where the supercars could stretch their legs. The rain was a party pooper, but it didn’t mess up the fun too much as owners appeared to have had enough fun getting their Ageras, One:1s, and other Koenigsegg exotics up to their supercar paces.

More scenic rides took place after the much-needed quality time in the test track as the traveling party navigated around back roads before spending the night in Bastad. The next day featured more rides, culminating in a stopover in front of the Kokkedal Castle in Denmark where all the Koenigseggs were displayed for the guests and tourists.

Given the exclusivity that comes with being a Koenigsegg owners, don’t expect these gatherings to grow tenfold in the coming years. The Swedish automaker plans to make it an annual event, but unless you have a Koenigsegg in your garage, there’s absolutely no chance for you to be part of the tour.

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Why it matters

A company like Koenigsegg doesn’t have a big customer base. Founder Christian von Koenigsegg pointed as much, saying that since the automaker only builds one example a month, it’s not going to grow its clientele by leaps and bounds in the course of one year. That’s why an Owner’s Tour like this one is important for the automaker because it fosters camaraderie among Koenigsegg owners, who, by virtue of owning a Koenigsegg, are already part of a very exclusive club.

In addition to the relationships that will undoubtedly be born from an event like this, Koenigsegg owners can also build their networks through the people they meet along the way. You never know what kind of partnerships can arise from events like this one, especially when you’re dealing with people who have seemingly bottomless pockets to dig into. And also, an event like this is fun as it gives owners a chance to really enjoy their Koenigseggs to the fullest of their capabilities. It was a bummer it rained on track day, but rest assured, a clear day in the future would provide some sure-fire fireworks for all these supercars to let loose.

As for Koenigsegg, I’m sure it’s not too much trouble for the Swedish automaker to organize an event like this considering the relatively small attendance and the fact that it needs to at least show some affection and gratitude to those people who spent millions just to own one of its cars. If these people trusted the company with their money in exchange for these supercars, the least Koenigsegg can do is to give them an event where they can get to know their peers and let loose with their supercars.

I don’t expect next year’s event to be that much bigger, but with the success of the first ever Owner’s Tour, I think we’re going to see more Koenigsegg owners show up and join in on the fun. Hopefully, the weather cooperates too.

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