America’s ’bad boy’ sports car, the Corvette ZR1, is pretty fast in its own right, but sometimes, even the fast is no match for the faster. Putting the ZR1 in its place is Sweden’s super bullet, the Koenigsegg CCR Evo, which, to be honest, is just about head and shoulders faster than a lot of cars on the planet.

Despite the proverbial long chances of the ZR1, it doesn’t stop it from throwing the gauntlet at the CCR Evo. Bad move, buddy. While we enjoy a pretty good drag race every chance we get to see one, we didn’t enjoy this one for the competition, but for the way the CCR Evo just about wiped the tarmac with the ZR1.

Sweden 1, USA 0.


Source: M5Board

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  (442) posted on 11.8.2010

Well, Koenigsegg is such a nice car but my bet will go for the Corvette.

  (134) posted on 11.5.2010

Koenigsegg CCR and Corvette ZR1 are both amazing sports car..so I guess whoever win..deserves it..smiley

  (216) posted on 10.15.2010

Nurburgring times are like EPA estimates, taken with a grain of salt. Besides 99% of both cars owners aren’t going to either care about ring times nor drive their cars at the ring. The only type of people that the ring times really satisfy are the fan boys.

  (291) posted on 10.13.2010

They both have oddly sloping roof lines. I think if Nissan styled a mid-engine car, it would look something like a CCR. Not beautiful, nor are they meant to be. They aren’t ballerinas, they are cage fighters!

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