A few days before its official debut this week-end, the the Koenigsegg CCX was spied on the streets of Southern California. The car has also been spotted during filming of an upcoming movie where it makes an appearance with other exotics like the Ferrari Enzo and Porsche Carrera GT.

The CCX is the latest iteration of the Koenigsegg CC family. It has a maximum horsepower of 806 hp, weigh just 2200 lbs, and reach 62 mph in 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 250 mph. The car will cost $650,000 - staggering price, but about half the price of the Bugatti Veyron.

Source: Fast-Autos

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  (6023) posted on 10.30.2006

650 000 usd only??
Thats less than half price of the Bugatti Veyron.
If we could get it for that price in Norway, it would become a dayly wiew . With the taxes we have here, anyone who owns one becomes instant B-celebrities. And its made just a few miles from our border.

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