Rare supercar is destroyed beyond recognition

When it comes to supercars, we know that they’re not only incredibly fast, but also very exclusive and hugely expensive. The latter "feat" is responsible for most of us not being able to afford one, but a high sticker doesn’t necessarily mean that each supercar ends up in the hands of a responsible owner. It’s no longer big news that supercars get smashed due to excessive speed, and we’ve seen plenty of rare vehicles being trashed beyond recognition recently. After seeing a Huracan break in half and burst into flamed in Chicago last month, now we got word of a Koenigsegg CCX being destroyed in Mexico.

Granted, the CCX is already ten years old as a nameplate and it might not be as spectacular as the newer Agera, but it’s definitely a rare breed. What’s more, most of them, including the one crashed in Mexico, are unique, meaning that once they’re gone, you won’t find another one like it. The bad news is that the CCX that was totaled following the high-speed crash was also built to custom specification and judging by the photos, it seems unlikely to be rebuilt.

The supercar hit a curb and rolled multiple times before coming to a halt, but what remained behind looks nothing like a CCX except for the seats and part of the engine hood. The front end and the roof were completely destroyed, while the wheels and most suspension components were ripped apart from the car. Unfortunately, such crashes also come with casualties, and this CCX had two. Both occupants have been transferred to a nearby hospital, and even though there’s no word on their condition, it’s a miracle that they survived the impact.

Hopefully both the driver and passenger will recover after the crash, which can be said about the CCX, one of only 49 such vehicles ever built.

Why it Matters

The big problem with supercars is not that they’re powerful and expensive, but that owners aren’t careful enough when driving them. Sure, most of them are equipped with tons of driving aids and technology, but a supercar requires a lot more attention behind the wheel than a Toyota Prius. Especially when the gas pedal hits the floor at full blast. Some say that a supercar will try to kill you if given the chance, but the truth is that it’s the owners who get themselves killed or crippled when driving them carelessly. The Mexico crash is one of such unfortunate cases and all we can hope is that we won’t see more of that. This will not only save lives, but also help preserve rare supercars that no one else will replicate. Sadly, this CCX is definitely not the last supercar to find its doom in a high-speed crash.

Koenigsegg CCX

2007 Koenigsegg CCX High Resolution Exterior
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Source: Photo Credit: Clean Imports JDM

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