Koenigseggs are already an extremely rare sight, so in 2008 we definitely took notice of the special edition cars called CCX Edition and CCXR Edition. This takes the already hardcore supercars and makes them even more track focused, and also gives the CCX Edition 82 more hp over its regular counterpart.

So with a limited edition model of an already rare car, we knew there would only be a handful produced. The plan was to have the 888 hp CCX Edition limited to 14 cars and the 1018 hp CCXR Edition limited to 6 cars. At a price of €1,330,000 ($1,820,000) and €1,500,000 ($2,050,000) respectively, exclusivity was guaranteed.

But now times have changed. It’s a tougher economy worldwide, and Koenigsegg is turning in a new direction previewed by the all-electric Quant shown in Geneva. Because of this the Edition models will now become even more rare, with production cut to 6 cars total.

The planned numbers are now 2 for the CCX Edition and 4 for the CCXR Edition. Call it a victim of a bad economy or a turn to green cars, either way the owners of CCX and CCXR Edition models are now ensured to be part of an extremely exclusive crowd.


Source: Cars UK

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