Prince would’ve been proud to own this purple and white Regera

If you’re an artist as universally loved as the late Prince, your influence usually extends long past your death. Well, the man behind the song “Purple Rain” died on April 21, 2016 and apparently, someone over at Koenigsegg is such a big fan that he decided to dress up the 1,500-horsepower Koenigsegg Regera in a special purple carbon exterior finish mixed in with white striping and clear carbon side intakes.

The man behind creating the Prince-inspired Regera is Steven Wade, a copywriter at the Swedish automaker who also happens to be a big fan of the departed music icon. Whereas his job description with the company calls for him to be good with his words, Wade is also apparently pretty good at dressing up the Regera. In his own words, he describes his creation as an ode to the man whose death almost a year ago still has him in mourning and the fact that he thinks that Koenigseggs look absolutely sexy “in purple.” Hard to argue against that sentiment.

Wade did admit that he toyed with the idea of doing a purple-and-gold two-tone scheme, but ultimately decided against it, presumably because purple and white just fit Prince’s character much better. His work on the Regera even extends to the car’s interior where the whole cabin was dressed in “snow white” leather to go with a basket weave seat pattern. He also did point out that while the rendering shows blue contrast stitching, the actual Regera – if Koenigsegg does end up making one – will have the purple stitching.

Regardless of his motivations in rendering the Regera in honor of Prince, the result is actually pretty spectacular. Maybe Koenigsegg boss Christian von Koenigsegg should take a look at his copywriter’s work here and reevaluate his position in the company. Copywriter/designer seems a more apt job title for Wade, doesn’t it?

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Well done, Steven Wade

Speaking as someone who also knows his way with words (or at least I think I do), I have to give some love to Steven Wade for his work here. It’s a fine piece of work, especially on a car that’s as exclusive and expensive as the Koenigsegg Regera. The purple finish on the carbon fiber body is dark enough that it doesn’t steal anything away from the exotic’s already astounding looks. Likewise, the white accents on the body serve as a nice complement. Together, the two colors create a striking look to the Regera that’s still subdued enough to highlight the car’s physical appearance.

Koenigsegg Employee Renders A Tribute Regera For Late Music Icon High Resolution Interior
- image 701871
Koenigsegg Employee Renders A Tribute Regera For Late Music Icon High Resolution Interior
- image 701870

The same goes with the interior as Wade opted for the reverse color treatment to that of the body. Snow white is the dominant color inside and the purple trim and stitching provide the splash of color that makes the cabin look regal and flamboyant at the same time. In other words, it’s the kind of treatment that Prince would’ve definitely loved.

The only downside I see with this whole exercise is that Koenigsegg isn’t actually building it. I get it that there are a lot of approvals that need to happen before a car like this can hit production, but I’m not counting on that happening. The Regera is super exclusive enough by itself and to add a special “Prince” edition is going to cost the company a lot of money. Then again, stranger things have happened in the auto industry. Nobody expected Koenigsegg to be the first automaker to offer a 1-megawatt vehicle, but lo and behold, the One:1 became a reality.

Koenigsegg Employee Renders A Tribute Regera For Late Music Icon High Resolution Exterior
- image 701867
Koenigsegg Employee Renders A Tribute Regera For Late Music Icon High Resolution Exterior
- image 701868

This one is far easier to do than the One:1 so who knows, maybe Wade’s exercise wouldn’t be all for naught. Maybe Christian von Koenigsegg will take one look at this and say, “let’s build this.” I for one wouldn’t be opposed to it, as I’m sure everybody who shares in my sentiments wouldn’t be either.

Koenigsegg Regera- Specifications

Engine Koenigsegg twin turbo aluminum 5.0-liter V-8
Power output – Premium gasoline 1,100 HP @ 7,800 RPM
Torque 737 LB-FT @ 2,700-6,170 RPM
Max torque 944 LB-FT @ 4,100 RPM
Electric propulsion 700 HP
Electric torque 663 LB-FT
Battery pack 9 kWh 620 Volt, flooded liquid cooled
Combined Output Over 1,500 HP
Combined Torque Over 1,475 LB-FT

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Source: Koenigsegg

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