With Koenigsegg having built only 6 units (plus the one show car) of the One:1, just getting a chance to see one is a rare enough occurrence to be a special event. But just looking at a car which has already been around for a while doesn’t make for a particularly great video, so here Shmee got to go on a ride along as F1 driver Adrian Sutil took the monster of a car for a few laps around Spa Francorchamps. There’s very little drama in the ride along, as you expect with an F1 driver behind the wheel, but the car is incredibly fast, and it sounds absolutely amazing. My favorite part of the video is at 0:50. The closeup of the carbon-fiber wheel says more than words could on what the One:1 is all about. Amazing.

The One:1 isn’t really a model unto itself, it is the lightest and most powerful version of the Agera, getting its name from the 1:1 ratio of 1,360 PS (1,341 horsepower) to 1,360kg (2,992 pounds) of curb weight. This kind of power-to-weight ratio is obviously very rare in a road car, and the car takes just 20 seconds to reach 248 mph. It uses the same 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 as the other versions of the Agera, just with the power turned up a bit more. To compare, the original Agera didn’t quite clear 1,000 horsepower and the second-most powerful version (the Agera R) has 1,200 horsepower.
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Adrian Sutil is perhaps more famous for attacking the owner of the Lotus F1 with a broken glass than he is as an F1 driver. But Sutil, who is currently working as a reserve driver for Williams, has had a long racing career. Working his way up from Formula Ford, he has been involved in F1 since 2006. And although he never won a championship (or indeed a race), just being in F1 means you’re still one of the best drivers in the world.

Koenigsegg One:1

2015 Koenigsegg One:1 Exterior Wallpaper quality
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Koenigsegg is planning on breaking a few records with the Agera R and One:1.

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