Koenigsegg has long insisted that it created the fastest cars in the world, on the street or on the track. Sadly, when you are a company as small as Koenigsegg finding the facilities to test those claims can be very difficult; just ask Hennessey. Still, the crew from Sweden is not giving up on its dreams and if this report from Car and Driver is correct, it will soon look to prove its speed credentials on the only track that seems to matter: the Nurburgring.

Porsche made a huge splash earlier this year when the 2014 918 Spyder hybrid busted down the 7-minute barrier with a lap of 6:57 around the Green Hell, but the Swedes are coming to shake things up in a big way. The automaker plans on actually busting the record twice. It’s going to start with an Agera R; a car that holds a 237-horsepower and 560-pound weight advantage over the Porsche 918. Company test driver Robert Serwanski feels that taking the lap record from the 918 won’t prove to be a Hurculean task, and that is just the start. Once the company completes the lap in the Agera R, it is going to roll out its fastest machine the One:1 to go for a few laps.

While Koenigsegg won’t agree to any solid targets, it says that in ideal conditions a lap “in the 6:30s” should be possible. Not only would that take the record for road-legal production cars, that would strip the title of “World’s Fastest” from the Pagani Zonda R that holds the record in the non-streetable class with a 6:47.50 lap time.

If this happens, it will be hard to dispute Koenigesgg’s claim that it does, in fact, make the fastest car in the world.

We can’t wait to see that footage.

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Why it matters

Sadly the world of supercars is built around superlatives. You have to be the best at something, be that most powerful, quickest acceleration and so on. In this land of million-dollar carbon-fiber toys, people only want the best. For Koenigsegg to keep stealing customers from the big names, it needs some indisputable proof that its cars are the best that money can buy. Blistering the standing Nurburgring record by 20 seconds or more is a hell of a way to send that message. Lamborghini entered the market by sheer force and outrageous style, Pagani arrived in a cloud of carbon-fiber smoke and V-12 Noise, now Koenigsegg looks to solidify its place in the pantheon of supercars with the record at the Green Hell.

Koenigsegg One:1

2015 Koenigsegg One:1 Exterior AutoShow
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The Koenigsegg One:1 is a milestone in the automotive world. With 1,340 horsepower pumping forth from its 5.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V-8 and a curb weight of just 1,340 kilograms, the One:1 is the first ever production car to have a power to weight ratio of one-to-one. This is where the car gets its name. That horsepower rating also translates into one Megawatt of power, another first for a production machine. Finding suitable testing grounds has proved difficult for the company, but Koenigsegg claims the car with hit 248 mph from a dead stop in just 20 seconds. Top Speed is estimated to be well above 270 mph.

Source: CarAndDriver

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