The horsepower wars just went supernatural

Koenigsegg’s line of top-shelf performance machines is epic, no doubt about it. But how do you take it a step beyond? Apparently, you need to take a page from Norse mythology for that one, as it was recently revealed that the successor to the Agera might carry the name “Ragnarok.”

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The Koenigsegg Agera RS is currently the fastest production car on the planet, going an average of 278 mph last November on a closed public road in Nevada.

It’s impressive stuff, no doubt about it, but Koenigsegg’s competitors are waiting in the wings to snatch that title away.

As such, the boutique supercar producer is gonna need to once again one-up itself, hence it’s prepping a successor to the Agera. Apparently, the new hypercar might carry the name “Ragnarok.”

The rumor stems from an unnamed source that’s “close to Koenigsegg,” who recently spoke to our friends at The Supercar Blog.

Ragnarok is an interesting name for the Agera’s successor. It comes from Norse mythology, which is appropriate for the Swedish manufacturer, wherein a great future battle takes place that results in a series of natural disasters and the death of a number of gods.

With competitors like the Hennessey Venom F5 named after the most destructive type of tornado on Earth, it makes sense to step up the naming game too.
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Specs on the forthcoming monster machine include a twin-turbo 5.0-liter V-8 making as much as 1,440 horsepower, besting the 1,360 ponies created by the top-spec Agera RS. The new hypercar will also carry massive aero components, a centrally placed cockpit, and enough go-faster equipment to challenge the world’s most hardcore performance machines.

Pricing should eclipse the $2-million mark. Look for a full debut next year at the Geneva Motor Show.

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