Start saving money now, because Koenigsegg’s newest gas-electric hybrid megacar, the 2016 Koenigsegg Regera, will cost €2.1 million, the equivalent of $2.37 million, when hits the market in 2016, making it one of the most expensive new cars in world. Despite its stratospheric price, the Regera will be the most-produced Koenigsegg’s ever, with a run of 80 units. The price was posted recently to German car-buying site,

You’ll be getting a lot of car for all that money. Power comes courtesy of an innovative drivetrain of Christian von Koenigsegg’s own design, which produces a massive 1,500 peak horsepower. An internal-combustion V-8 producing 1,100 horsepower works in concert with the Koenigsegg Direct Drive system, which essentially replaces a traditional multi-speed transmission with a pair of YASA axial flux electric motors producing 700 horsepower. Koenigsegg predicts a 0-60 time of 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 250 mph.

The Regera is a sort of more-luxurious, grand-touring take on the traditional Koenigsegg formula, more in line with the Bugatti Veyron, rather than the Ferrari LaFerrari or McLaren P1 (that’s still the One:1’s job). Combined with the seamless drivetrain, the Regera’s active engine mounts and adaptive dampers will offer an effortlessly fast driving experience.

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Why it matters

Even during a time when $1 million-plus supercars are common, the $2.37 million Regera will breath rare air. We anticipated that only the upcoming Bugatti Chiron, the replacement for the Veyron, and perhaps a few variants of the Pagani Huayra Roadster will come anywhere close.

2016 Koenigsegg Regera

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