Will the One:1 become the fastest production car on the ’Ring?

Swedish supercar brand Koenigsegg has unveiled plans to return to the Nurburgring track with its One:1 now that the German track has lifted the speed limits it introduced in 2015. The brand known to build some of the fastest and most exclusive hypercars in the world will attempt to set a new lap record on the Nordschleife loop, an attempt that was cut short when ‘Ring management put temporary speed limits in place on certain sections of the track following a VLN crash that killed a spectator in early 2015.

But, even though the One:1 will return to the "Green Hell" by the end of April, a record attempt won’t occur anytime soon. According to the company, it will take "several months" for the driver that will attempt to set a new record in the One:1 to get an intimate knowledge of the track and the car.

"While we foresee this taking several months, those months comprise only one or two days at the track each month. We will not be testing on public days when the track is full of ‘public’ drivers. We will be testing on private days that we can gain access to," Koenigsegg explained in a statement.

While there is no specific timetable as to when the One:1 will run its official record lap, this could happen by the end of 2016. As of April, the record for the fastest production car is being held by the Radical SR8LM with a 6:48-minute lap. The Radical SR8 is second with a 6:56-minute lap, while the Porsche 918 Spyder holds third position with a 6:57-minute lap.

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Why it matters

Granted, it’s too early to say whether Koenigsegg will manage to set a new record on the "Green Hell," but judging by the impressive dynamics, astonishing output figures, and impressive power-to-weight ratio — 1,342 horsepower for 3,000 pounds / 1,361 PS for 1,361 kg — of the One:1, it’s safe to assume that it will most likely complete the Nordschleife loop in less than seven minutes. The important thing here is that Koenigsegg will finally get a chance to show what the One:1 can do more than two years after its official debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. It might take a few months to see what the One:1 is capable of on the Nurburgring, but a sub-seven-minute lap and the official video of the 1,342-horsepower supercar carving the German track will be worth the long wait.

Koenigsegg One:1

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Koenigsegg is planning on breaking a few records with the Agera R and One:1.

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Source: Koenigsegg

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