Koenigsegg counts itself as one of the few automakers who don’t rely on production volume as a measuring stick for success. That’s completely understandable seeing as one Koenigsegg model routinely costs north of $1 million. But even so, Christian von Koenigsegg has made it clear that he wants a faster turnaround in the production of the company’s supercars in an effort to increase the family of Koenigsegg owners all over the world.

The Swedish company didn’t elaborate on how it plans to do this, but it did shoot out a tweet confirming those plans as it appears that the 30-month wait for a customer to take delivery of a car has become a little too long even for Koenigsegg’s liking. Given that the company only builds one car a month, the slow production time has resulted in a backlog of customers who have to wait 30 months – that’s two and a half years! – to get their hands on their orders. That timetable may have aided in establishing the exclusivity of the brand, but it’s also making customers wait a long time to take deliveries of their hypercars.

That’s what the automaker plans to address in the wake of its first-ever Owner’s Tour where only 13 Koenigsegg owners showed up of the around 150 cars around the world. If the company wants to build on that number in the coming years, it’s going to have to address the production time it takes to build one. Look for more developments coming out in this regard, possibly detailing what Koenigsegg plans to change in its production procedures to accelerate the build of its supercars. Don’t expect a full overhaul of these procedures, though, because the Swedish automaker is going to understandably cautious in striking a balance between faster production times and retaining the company’s exclusivity.

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Why it matters

I’m hopeful that there’s a way that we can get more Koenigseggs in this world without the company having to sacrifice the kind of quality that it has established for itself. Maybe there’s a way to do it that none of us are privy to, but I’m not sure Koenigsegg will be able to accomplish it without having to compromise on something else.

I say that because I’ve seen parts of how Koenigsegg builds its cars, and if there’s one thing the company has shown in all those demonstration videos, it’s that it doesn’t take any shortcuts in building the components that will eventually be part of the entire car. It partakes and uses a lot of meticulous methods and processes that takes a lot of time to complete. That in itself is going to have to be addressed if Koenigsegg wants to really cut the production time of one car. Maybe there’s a way to cut the timetable from one car per month to two or three cars per month. I think that the company, which has become one of the most innovative and technologically advanced auto brands in the world, can create a more streamlined process that will result in an accelerated production timetable.

Just don’t try to convince me that it will still be the same quality as before. I’m not as sure about that right now because Koenigsegg will have to sacrifice something if it really wants to speed up the production of its cars. I don’t know what that something is at this point, but hopefully, Koenigsegg can show us what that is – or what those are – in the future. It’s not going to make me look at the company differently because like everybody else, I’d love to see more Koenigseggs unleashed into the world. I just hope that they’re as good as the ones that came before them.

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