Since being founded in 1994, Swedish hypercar manufacturer Koenigsegg has only built 115 cars, so you’d be forgiven for not realizing they were never officially sold in North America. According to Car and Driver, that’s all set to change in 2015 when Koenigsegg will be officially launching in the United States and Canada.

Its numbers have probably earned a permanent place in your memory banks, but Koenigsegg’s latest and greatest is the One:1. and It comes with 1,340 horsepower and has a dry weight of 1,340 kg (around 2950 pounds). In other words, horsepower per kilogram. Top speed is estimated to be around 248 mph and 0 to 60 is dispatched in 2.8 seconds.

So, why does all this matter? Because Manhattan Motorcars in New York City has been tipped to sell the one and only One:1 that is officially slated to be exported to North America. That’s more than a little ironic, since Manhattan has to be on some list of worst places in the world to drive a car with 1,340 horsepower, that’s nearly seven feet wide and sits just about three inches off the ground. It also won’t be fully road legal. The owner will only be allowed to drive the car on the road under “show and display” conditions, but that sounds like a provision with plenty of loopholes.

In addition to the New York dealership, Car and Driver says there will be three more opening in the U.S. and Canada, which will sell the more plebian Koenigsegg Agera (it makes do with just 1,140 horsepower) and a new Koenigsegg to be announced last year. Federalizing a car is no small deal for a boutique manufacturer. North America-bound Koenigseggs will include smart airbags, which is a component that more established small manufacturers like Lotus and Aston Martin have had trouble with.

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Why it matters

Company boss Christian Von Koenigsegg also revealed to Car and Driver that he would like to see his company increase production to between 22 and 24 cars per year. That may not sound like much of an increase, especially when you consider that even Ferrari builds about 7,000 cars a year, but it’s a pretty big increase for a self-sufficient and independent company like Koenigsegg.

Realistically, that goal can only be met by expanding sales to more markets. A handful of Koenigseggs exist in North America, but getting them imported and registered was likely a logistical nightmare for owners.

If you’re the type of person who can afford to purchase a Koenigsegg, you probably also have the means with which to hire a lawyer to grease the rails to get your car through the importation process, but thankfully you won’t have to do this anymore. This new arrangement simply removes several hoops though which prospective owners would have to jump through.

Koenigsegg One:1

2015 Koenigsegg One:1 Exterior AutoShow
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Source: Car and Driver

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