The controversial Korean Grand Prix is already getting a makeover. The FIA is planning on making changes to Yeongam’s Turn 16 before Saturday. Talk about efficiency.

The reason for this modification is due to a bump that unsettles the cars. The replacement curb will cover the bump, but it will also slow lap times.

In addition to the bump, the wall on the right on the exit of the corner will be moved back, although engineers have yet to determine how far they can move it. The wall currently shoots out and doesn’t have a tire barrier for protection, so if a driver happens to lose control and hit the wall, the resulting accident could be catastrophic.

The FIA is also debating on whether to tell drivers that they don’t have to respect the white line at the pit entry. The reason for this change would be to allow drivers to take a faster approach and not block the cars behind.

Be sure to tune into the first ever Korean Grand Prix on BBC1 or the Speed Channel.


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