KTM has long been one of the premier motorcycle brands in Europe and with their success, it seemed like venturing into producing vehicles of the four-wheeled persuasion would be seamless.

Their first offering, the X-Bow track car was supposed to be the car that would put KTM on the map as an up-and-coming car manufacturer. And while the car is a must-have by all accounts, the global financial crisis has proven to be a much stiffer opponent than any of them ever considered.

After a promising start that compelled KTM to double their production – from 500 cars to 1000 - because of high interest at the car. But with the economy taking a surprising nose dive, all those who showed previous interest suddenly didn’t have the money – or was being thriftier – to pay for it.

As a result of the supply far outstripping the demand for the car, KTM has only sold 80 of the said X-Bow’s, which has forced the company to cease production until they sell off the remaining cars sitting idly at their factory in Graz, Austria.

It’s an auspicious debut for KTM’s venture into the four-wheeled market; even more bittersweet considering the car held such high promise before the economy had to ruin everything.


Source: Pistonheads

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