First the rumor then the confirmation of the first vehicle on 4 wheels from KTM.
All this did to tremble with impatience the fanatics of ultimate vehicles and the inconsolable ones of the VW GX3 stillborn.
The X-Bow will be presented officially in March to Geneva, but was unveiled to a small circle of people.

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This biplace of 700 kg with Audi engine must hit the spirits and stir the blood of those that will pilot it. The traditional orange color of KTM agrees very well with the shape of the vehicle.

CEO of KTM, Stefan Pierer is convinced that the car will be a success, simply because it thinks to bring something that does not exist on the market. Of course, the Caterham, Ariel Atom, Donkervoort and other bugs of the kind are rather rare outside of their borders.

The first one will be out after Christmas in Italy. This roadster is the work of the designer Gerald Kiska that worked 1 year on the elaboration of that project.

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A first series, limited to 100 copies, will be made with Dallara (which builds the Audi R10 racer’s monocoques) in the late 2007. The price will be situated to the surroundings of 50.000 $. These first cars will have the colors of the photos presented, orange and black. 

By the continuation, the objective is to sell in full year about 1000 vehicules according to Stefan Pierer. All depends on the reciving that will be done to Geneva. As Dallara has only a production capacity of 400 units/years, if the car is well recived the production will remain there.On the other hand, if will be a strong request, KTM will sign an agreement with Magna that would produce the roadsters. Pierer said that it already discussed an agreement. 

As the study and the construction leans on the infrastuctures and the personnel of KTM Motorcycle, the investment is reduced and the X-bow will be profitable beyond only 3500 sold unities.

The markets will be the England, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Finland, Portugal, and Austria. The USA also representa possible market, there the roadster will be sell at the VW representations. S.Pierer talks about his X-bow as of a car toy and target therefore young population.

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The first version will have access to the 4 cylindres Audi TFSi pushed to 220 bhp, while a powerfull version will have the motor of the audi S3 tuned up to 300 cv. The model will have a manuall gearbox with 6 gears, but the s-tronic (DSG) will be available in option. KTM will use a carbon fibre chassis from other motorsports partners. The car is expected to have similarities to the VW EcoRacer Concept. It will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds and will measures 3,6meters. 

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