Did someone just do a burnout or did a potpourri truck crash? That may be what Australians will be thinking soon as Kumho has just introduced scented tires to the country. The perfume is releases as the tires warm up from the friction in the road. Kumho says the perfume - predominantly lavender with hints of mint, iris and white musk - can be smelt within about a 33 ft radius of the vehicle. There also seems to be a practical side to the new tires because the oils used in the perfume also improve the bonding on the rubber. Kumho says this allows for above average traction and braking performance as well as a more comfortable and quieter ride.

Don’t worry if you find the scent unbearable, it should only last for a year of regular use. Personally, after being used to the smell of burning rubber, I can’t think of a sweeter scent. Oh wait, there is race fuel…


Source: MotorCities

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  (518) posted on 03.3.2010

I’m interested to know if they actually made a fortune with this kind of tires. Or people were too smart to not buy it as at some point, scents can become irritating. Regular tires doesn’t really smell bad, they don’t smell at all most of the times, what is the need for scented ones?

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