Every year the L.A. Autoshow asks the manufacturers to envision the car of the future. This year’s Design Challenge is all about coming up with what we will be driving in 2030. The German automaker Audi is entering the competition with two very unique vehicles: the eSpira (the Aspiration) and the eOra (the Essence).

LA Design Challenge: Audi eSpira/eOra
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The eSpira uses next generation vehicle control logic that will take even the most minimal of body movements and gestures from the driver and interpret them to deliver the most direct driving sensation of any machine in the history of the automobile in an effort to show that the most direct, fluid form of vehicle control is only a few thoughts away.

On the other hand, the eOra is a pure sports car that has been designed to share the same control logic as the eSpira and make an extremely dynamic and efficient vehicle that is only aided by the Audi eOra’s small footprint and unmatched agility. Like a downhill skier, the eOra leans into turns and carves up the curves in the road scape with previously unseen precision. By constantly adapting to the driver’s movements and intentions, the eOra and its driver are able to move harmoniously as one, with unrivaled dexterity and superior sports car performance.


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