The Japanese automaker Mazda is also entering the 2009 L.A. Design Challenge with the Souga, a minimalist lightweight sports coupe that is made up of experimental shapes, ornate detailing and a dramatically proportioned exterior. The Souga is the next step in Mazda’s Nagare design language with its flowing exterior and sweeping lines. The Souga is designed around VMazda, a virtual reality website that acts as a design playground for young automotive enthusiasts allowing them to experiment, build, and share their four wheeled dreams in a virtual world at no cost. The car would be sold as an affordable shell and monthly payments would be made for the electricity it consumes much like a cellular telephone bill, and because most modern digital devices have become integrated into automobiles, this eliminates the need to clutter the driver’s concentration with a host of accessories and add ons, thus simplifying the Souga driving experience.


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  (765) posted on 02.9.2010

It wouldn’t be far before we cars like these in the streets. It looks cool anyway so its fine. I wonder how it turns though and how fast it can go.

  (612) posted on 01.4.2010

This design turns my nerves on just because it is that futuristic and I can hang with that car than the Honda Helix. Well as I’ve seen the pictures, the concept of the compartment is on the side, futuristic car door and the extraordinary wheels.

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