Nissan is the last automaker set to enter this year’s LA Design Challenge, but they are certainly not the least. In a look forward at what we will be driving in the year 2030 suggests that every car on the road could be zero emission electric vehicles, that is if Greenpeace gets their way, that will travel on an ultra efficient high speed network called the GRID. Nissan’s entry is appropriately named V2G, or Vehicle to Grid, and will be an affordable entry level automobile that offers the same build quality and fun to drive nature of the automakers current lineup.

LA Design Challenge: Nissan V2G
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However while the other forward thinking design teams are focusing mainly on vehicle to vehicle communications and keeping up with Facebook, Nissan has highlighted on a more traditional approach to car customizing. The coolest feature about Nissan’s V2G is that they recognize that their futuristic electric vehicle will eventually be taken Off Grid. Just like the Silvias and Skylines that made the Japanese automaker such a desirable sports car maker in the last decade, the Japanese automaker is anticipating the hot rodding hopes of future consumers and has readied their 2030 electric car to allow for modifications in much of the same way. Although we would hate to see the internal combustion engine go the way of the dinosaurs, but if future electric vehicles can be as fun as the V2G, we say bring on the electrons.

The Nissan V2G won the 2009 LA Design Challenge.

Official details after the jump.

Official Details

LA Design Challenge: Nissan V2G
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In the years leading up to 2030, the electrification of the nation’s highways leads to the creation of a new ultra-efficient, high speed network called the ’GRID’.

Nissan’s ’ON-GRID’ compliant vehicle for the year 2030 is the V2G (Vehicle–to-Grid). Wildly popular with consumers thanks to its low cost, dynamic styling and quality construction, the V2G is the best selling electric vehicle of its time. Nissan’s comprehensive and affordable range of GRID access plans (similar to mobile phone plans) have also helped to make V2G the market leader.

LA Design Challenge: Nissan V2G
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In the spirit of LA’s legendary automotive counter-culture, creative young minds see untapped potential in the V2G. Taking advantage of the simple and user friendly EV architecture, they quickly hack the V2G, take it ’OFF-GRID’ and begin to explore the virtually endless opportunities of this newly created vehicle segment.

The V2G [UNLMTD] is born.

LA Design Challenge: Nissan V2G
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