Los Angeles police officers made a horrible mistake last week while they were chasing Christopher Jordan Dorner — a disgruntled ex-cop suspected of hunting down members of the LAPD and their families. According to an interview offered by LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, police offers were informed that Dorner was driving a gray Nissan Titan, which is a pretty solid description.

While LAPD was running surveillance on Dorner’s house, a pickup truck was approaching and police officers opened fire. When they stopped shooting they realized their mistake: the truck was not a Nissan Titan, but rather a Toyota Tacoma and it was aqua blue, not gray. Two innocent women were victims of this incident: Margie Carranza, 47, and her mother, Emma Hernandez, 71 who were there just to deliver copies of the Los Angeles Times.

LAPD Chief said that this incident occurred because the police officers were working under "incredible tension." A total of seven officers opened fire and at the end of the shooting, cars, trees, garage doors and roofs were all full with bullet holes. Emma Hernandez was shot in her back and is expected to recover, while her daughter escaped with only minor wounds from broken glass.

LAPD stated this was just a misinterpreted situation, but for sure this excuse won’t help them when the two women will start a lawsuit against them.

We can understand confusing vehicles, but to confuse an aqua Tacoma for a grey Titan is like confusing a blue Chevy Cruze with a red Ford Taurus: it’s nearly impossible regardless of the situation. Fortunately, everyone is expected to survive, but we’re sure the city of Los Angeles will have a mighty lawsuit on its hands…


Source: LA Times

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  (548) posted on 04.16.2013

It is not easy to identify a car whether it is Toyota Tacoma or a Nissan Titan. And I would understand the situation better if the two cars have the same color. But it is really a terrible mistake when someone confused an aqua Tacoma for a grey Titan. I just hope there is a serious legal action for the police.

  (305) posted on 02.21.2013

This are the real people that should be sended to jail...Immediately! How can they be so dumb...one was blue, and the other silver!

  (312) posted on 02.21.2013

For this kind of guards or cops or whatever, I only hope that they won’t just confuse their partner with a robber or thief...And then shoot him...

  (302) posted on 02.21.2013

I only hope for those two women to be alright...about these cops...find another job, guys...don’t mess up things more than they are already..

  (305) posted on 02.21.2013

Yes, yes, that’s definitely a new and good one, Toyota is the new brother of Nissan, right?Even the twin one

  (422) posted on 02.21.2013

I really can’t believe this things happen...Next time, they might make an confusion between a car and a plane...who knows?

  (20) posted on 02.12.2013

Sad part is, this was the first. The following day the police slammed a cruiser into a pickup and opened fire again. This time, it was a skinny white guy that was just cleared by another officer a few minutes prior.

  (542) posted on 02.11.2013

I’ve heard many unbelievable stories like that, with policemen as principal actors, but this one is beyond every one.I mean, if they were colorblind , and the car was red/green, they could come with an excuse.. but in this situation..

  (509) posted on 02.11.2013

Shot right in their head, that’s what they actually deserve.Sorry, but those poor women could have been seriously injured !!

  (475) posted on 02.11.2013

As far as I know, grey and blue don’t have much in common, as colours.. maybe they could have misunderstood the car type or brand..but a color is pretty obvious

  (452) posted on 02.11.2013

This one is one of the best I have ever heard.. they were working in high tension.. seriously ?Like seriously?Guys, are you blind?

  (516) posted on 02.11.2013

Holy God!Is this really happening?I just can’t believe it!smiley
Sometimes, this ’guardians’ of ours really make me sick

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