“So here’s a new thought, worthy of defending: Cadillac makes a better car than BMW or Mercedes or Lexus or Infiniti, and that car is the 2008 CTS. No other car in the mass market, with so much at stake for its makers, dares so much as this expressive and audacious bit of automotive avant-gardism. In a segment that lives and dies by European benchmarks, the CTS sets fire to the bench and throws it through the shopkeepers’ window.”
That’s what Dan Neil has to say about the new Cadillac CTS in the Los Angeles Times, the largest newspaper by circulation in Southern California.
His review of the car, which is available online at www.latimes.com, is worth reading, partly because it is very well-written and partly because it is very detailed. He likes the CTS, particularly in comparison to the German competition, and has specific reasons for that viewpoint, including both the car’s performance capabilities and its design.
He ends the review with this:
“For now, it’s time to celebrate. Cadillac has built a ripping car here — fast, fun, exuberant in style and substance. To the extent that imitation of one product concedes the superiority of another, the CTS surrenders not an inch. It feels like a fundamentally self-defined car. Chalk one up for the home team.”

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