Deals can be found before the weather turns

Labor day signals the end of summer for most folks in America, and that means winter conditions are looming. For drivers, that means slushy roads packed with ice and deep snow bank ready to swallow a compact pickup. Thankfully winter tires offer superior traction when temperatures drop and moister accumulates. But winter tires can be pricy and require shop fees to install.

However, there are Labor Day deals to be found.

An article by Consumer Reports says many tire manufactures are running special sales prices during the Labor Day weekend. These deals, when often times comes by rebate credit cards, can run between $50 to $100 in savings. Big name tires shops may also be running special deals on top of any tire brand rebates. Even local mom-and-pops shops may offer some form of Labor Day savings. In this case, it literally pays to shop around.

But good deals aren’t all to look for. Choosing winter tires designed for your particular vehicle is important. Just like with all-season tires, load ratings are important to follow. Large trucks like the Ford Super Duty and Nissan Titan XD may require E-rated tires. Generally speaking, a name-brand retailer or highly regarded online tire retailer should help you with choosing the right tire. However, it’s always best to arm yourself with some knowledge about winter tire purchasing.

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Why It Matters

Tires are important – we can probably agree on that one. So when it comes time for buying new tires or a good set of winter tires, it doesn’t hurt to do some competitive shopping. Deals and sales are always happening, especially around national holidays like Labor Day.

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