Since Ferrari admitted that there was a race-prepped version of the LaFerrarion the way — as if you couldn’t already toss "The Ferrari" on the track as is — the details have started rolling out a little more regularly. Now we have a new juicy bit that comes from the folks over at Top Gear. And this tidbit of info happens to deal with the LaFerrari XX featuring half the cylinders of the road-going version.

This makes perfect sense to us, because in December 2013, we dug up a video of a LaFerrari out testing with what was obviously an F1-derived, turbocharged V-6. Check out the video for yourself and listen to that exhaust note. If you close your eyes while listening, you would think you were hearing a new F1 racer out testing.

Given the fact that Ferrari will not confirm what engine the XX model will use, this can only mean that the engine is still in development or that Ferrari is still testing a few different setups. And according to a "high up" official in Ferrari, the V-6 engine is very much in the running as the powerplant of choice. This engine becomes even more logical when you consider that the XX program is all about lightening the car and making it more precise, rather than raw power and speed, and swapping a small-displacement V-6 in place of that hulking V-12 would likely shed some serious weight.

For now, this all remains speculation and hearsay, but it remains a novel concept that may well become a reality.

Stay tuned for more.

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Why it Matters

Every petrol-head in the world would love to get their hands on an F1 engine. They are finicky, rev-happy and downright sickening — just what we love. And with the LaFerrari XX being a car that a civilian can buy and race, means that this F1-derived engine will suddenly be accessible to whoever has the cash to buy this rig. On the flipside, this high-tech, high-cost engine may also lead to the possibility that Ferrari may not allow buyers to own the LaFerrari XX, but rather "rent" it from Ferrari.

Ferrari LaFerrari XX

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The details on the LaFerrari XX are very scarce, as Ferrari doesn’t want to tip its hand too soon. In fact, scare is not even the word to use. The correct word would be non-existent, as the only details we have is the confirmation that it will exist. With a 6.3-liter V-12 and hybrid system in tow, the LaFerrari’s base drivetrain would likely be too heavy for competitive racing, so we expect a downsized drivetrain of some sort — maybe a V-6.

The other changes will include extra aero goodies to help add downforce, a stripped-down interior for less weight, and a retuned suspension for even more spectacular handling. We expect to see the LaFerrari XX in 2015, so stay tuned.

Source: Top Gear

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