The English coach builder Aston Martin has just released new images of the highly anticipated Lagonda concept, a plus sized people mover from the super car maker that follows a similar design theme to Porsche’s Cayenne when the idea was presented back at the start of 2009. The new images of the luxurious Lagonda reveal a very interesting thing about the way that Aston Martin is selling the interior. Just like a listing for a house or even a yacht, the sitting area is accented with decorative cushions, there is no word yet wether Aston will sell the new Lagona with the same style, but for that kind of money we are sure they would be willing to color match and embroider them in order to make a sale. The Lagonda is a unique performance vehicle that will provide its owner with an avant garde luxury product with exceptional ability and unsurpassed elegance.

2009 Lagonda Concept
- image 338082

Aston Martin is committed to innovative ideas like alternative propulsion technologies and innovative materials to produce elegant forms that create functional luxury and they promise to deliver in the near future with the Lagonda. Expect the exploration of alternative power train solutions including ethanol burning flexfuel, clean diesel and even a hybrid drive train that will start to show up very soon in Aston showrooms. The upcoming Lagonda will epitomize the mastery of craft, design and technology that Aston Martin has established with their many years of high performance expertise.


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  (708) posted on 01.13.2010

I must say this car burn your money down because of the beautiful interiors that as we all know, Aston Martin is way too up on the price range and this Lagonda concept seems to catch our interest by the way. I don’t know if we can categorize it to a SUV, I’m more on to the side of a sedan I guess.

  (571) posted on 12.14.2009

A kind of muscle car that is quite inclined on a race dog car. What I mean is the body actually is like a future race car that I know the car as an SUV. Anyways the color of this one was that luxurious by the way.

  (68) posted on 12.12.2009

Looks like a 200K Infiniti FX and I love it! Or better yet, a Rolls Royce land yacht. They should have no problem selling these.

  (1333) posted on 12.10.2009

Since most SUV owners are those with families, I’d say this will be a safe and comfortable car for them. I mean just take a look at the leg room. That will make the ride easier. I don’t know about the luggage room though, the rear door seems small.

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