We figured that it would take a really, really long time before you forget about Andy House of Luftkin, Texas. You’ll remember him from his now infamous ‘Veyron Dive’ a few months ago when he inexplicably drove his Bugatti Veyron straight into a lagoon in Galveston, Texas. Remember him, right?

Well, according to Jalopnik, the same dude who claimed that a pelican caused him to plunge into a lagoon has now bought a blue and black replacement Veyron for the one he went swimming with.

We figured that since he can afford to buy another $1.5 million Veyron after completely washing out his first one, then he can probably buy a Bluetooth headset or two. You know, just in case, another pelican shows up.

Photo courtesy of Jalopnik


Source: Jalopnik

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  (808) posted on 01.25.2010

That man is crazy!

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