Weekends in Europe must be more fun. While the Lotus Driving Academy and the Porsche Driving Experience are limited to England, the new Lamborghini Academy is going all around Europe teaching drivers to tame the bull.

Starting this spring, the two-day driving school will teach the fundaments of handling and performance driving, and how to master the track with some extreme machines. The best part is that the student driver cars are the Gallardo LP 560-4 and the Murcielago LP 640.

As an added bonus participants get an in-car video and a pics from their time on the track. So now when you lie to people at the bar, and tell them you used to be a professional driver but gave it up for accounting – now you’ll actually have the visuals to back it up.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

Lamborghini has announced its new Lamborghini Academy dates for 2009. With courses open to all sports car enthusiasts as well as Lamborghini owners, the track driving schools provide an extraordinary opportunity to experience the full potential of Lamborghini cars, alongside the Italian super sports car manufacturer’s professional instructors.

The Track Academy course provides an entry into the Lamborghini Academy world. Held at various European race tracks from Spring 2009 onwards, participants’ driving skills are improved alongside a professional driver instructor, while exploring the full potential of the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4. The Advanced Academy is the top level programme, and concentrates on optimum control and performance on the race track, fully supported by a professional in-vehicle telemetry system. Driving is undertaken in the Gallardo LP 560-4 and the Murciélago LP 640: the fastest and most extreme super sports car in its class.

All classes include technical and safety briefings, followed by handling and performance exercises, with instruction on how to get the ‘ultimate kick’ from race track driving! Participants improve their handling and feel of Lamborghini’s permanent four-wheel drive cars, learn to manage understeer and oversteer; practice manoeuvres with and without ABS and ESP; master ‘controlled drifting’ and, of course, find the ideal ‘racing line’ on track.

As a reminiscence of this experience each individual participant gets his own in-car-video with footage of the whole driving day as well as a photo CD of all the action of the day on the race track.

Lamborghini Academy courses start from 3,900.00 euro, including accommodation, cars at the race track and all driving instruction, but excluding travel.

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